Monthly Archives: June 2013

Bags For Sale!

P1060364  P1060365P1060368 A few friends of mine were very complimentary about a bag that I had with me the other day and encouraged me to start making more and selling them!  I am not sure if they know how crazy I am when I get something in my head, like- up till midnight planning, cutting, sewing…..dreaming about what bag I am going to make next and how to make them different!  I call these the bowling ball bags, because I think they would fit a bowling ball perfectly….fitting name! I am selling the ones shown here so if you are interested please contact me and I can sell you one or create a custom bag for you!  Thanks ladies for your encouragement and interest, you have now become my focus group!!  And I will continue to search for awesome fabric for more bags.




Here is another one, this time with a magnetic closure.


Stay tuned for more bowling ball bags to come.