Monthly Archives: September 2013

Adult Drop-In Classes


I have had a lot of adults expressing an interest in sewing lessons lately and have therefore set a time slot aside every week for drop-in classes.  By drop-in I mean that individuals wanting to learn to sew can come in during the allotted time and bring their own materials and patterns.  They will have access to all of my tools, my expertise (if you want to call it that!) and my sewing machines.  I will be in the classroom to provide any assistance that students may need.  I thought that this would be the best way to set up adult classes since I have had a variety of requests, from learning to hem pants to making a quilt and everything in between.  This way I figure my students can decide what they want to sew and I can teach them to sew it.  I hope that this all makes sense!  The time for the drop-in class will be from 6pm-9pm on Tuesday evenings.  The fee will be $8/hour and students can choose to come for the quantity of time they want or need, all I ask is that students call me on Tuesday mornings if they would like to come for class.  I can comfortably accommodate 4 students so it will be on a first “call” first serve basis.   Please feel free to contact me through email if there are any questions of interest in the drop-in classes.


Quilting Time!

Since the kids have been back to school now for nearly a month I figure it’s time for me to finally tackle the huge pile of my own quilts…..starting with this one!


This quilt top has been finished for over a year, enough is enough right?  I mean, I can only hoard quilt tops for so long before finally quilting and getting some use out of them.  I think that I am secretly worried that my husband might realize that we may one day be overwhelmed by quilts and that we may have to give some away, which in turn may send me spiraling into a deep depression over the loss of my beloved quilts.  Seriously though, can’t wait to see this giant finished.  I will have to post again soon when it is “cuddle ready”.

Working on Customer Quilts

Well, I am happy to say that I am finally catching up on some customer quilts that have been waiting patiently (along with their owners) in my closet.  This week I finished a Block of the Month quilt for a friend.

P1070054 P1070056

The quilting is difficult to see in the picture with all of the batiks but is much easier to see on the quilt itself and the quilting on the back turned out great.  It is backed with a cozy flannel. The colours are perfect for this time of the year too, reminds me of grape and wine festival!

I also wanted to share a picture today of my sewing companion. As some of you may know I recently closed my home daycare after 8 years, and am pursuing a quilting/sewing business.  So needless to say my house went from VERY LOUD this summer to very quiet this fall.  I do however have one companion during the day who keeps me very busy and reminds me that I am not alone.


This is one of the rare moments in the day where he is not ringing the bell upstairs to go outside or scratching at me to pay attention to him.  This is his chair that sits in my sewing room.  I’ll make the best of every quiet moment around here.