Monthly Archives: January 2015

Catching Up!

Hello there, it has been a while and I suppose I have a few things to share…..P1080308

Well here I am trying to catch up on some projects now that the holidays are far behind us.  Last week I quilted this adorable baby quilt for a friend.  I used the pantograph “bubbles” by Urban Elementz and it looked really cute when it was finished.  She used a soft fleece for the backing so it will be super cuddly for her new nephew!



I also quilted a Christmas quilt, just a wee bit late, or very early, however you care to look at it!  Luckily it was for my mom so she was very understanding.


And finally today I finished a quilt for a friend that was promised to her months ago.  The top and backing have been sitting in my sewing room for what feels like forever.  Yesterday I finally took it to work at The Quilting Bee,  I quilted it on the Innova with Autopilot.  The pattern is called “Bubbles Everywhere”.  I love this pattern and love the finished look on the quilt.


I ended up machine stitching the binding for the first time and don’t mind how it turned out at all.  I stitched it first to the front of the quilt then turned the binding to the back and edge stitched in the seam on the front. Love the backing of this quilt too!