A T-Shirt Quilt for a Client

I want to share a recent finish that I am very happy with and I think my client is too!  She had given me a laundry basket full of shirts that belonged to her son along with full creative licence.  I have to admit, that can be a little intimidating since I could have a completely different vision of the finished quilt than she does.  I made sure to include the most sentimental shirts in the quilt and I think that’s the goal with memory quilts, it’s not so much about the pattern you choose or how you quilt it, but more about the memories that it holds for the receiver.  I kept the piecing simple, deciding on the block size and adding black sashings and borders so that the T-shirts could tell their story.IMG_20170911_154748546

For the backing she gave me a very loved Scooby Doo duvet cover, again giving me creative licence.  Since I love modern pieced backing and I had some black solid fabric left, I decided to add a little “Scooby” for interest. I made strips with the Scooby Doo and placed them randomly in the backing, super fun!


I think the simple wave pattern is a great compliment to the piecing on the front.  I am so glad that my client was as happy with the final result as I was!



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