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ADORNit Starburst Table Topper

I have always loved the ADORNit fabric and today I would like to share my Starburst Table Topper with you! In September I was chosen to be an ADORNit “it” girl!  Exciting right?  If you are wondering what that is let me explain………so I received some very cool scratch in the mail from ADORNit with a mission- to create some cool stuff with it and post on social media in order to show other quilters/sewists/crafters all of the awesome products that ADORNit makes!  Well, let me tell you, I instantly fell in love with the Starburst Table Topper.


I used only ADORNit fabric from a couple of their fabric lines and I have to say that I love how they all work well together.  I used the 120° triangle templates for the cutting.  They were super easy to use and very accurate, they even have the little holes where you can mark for the seam allowance (I found that very helpful for matching seams).


So here it is, top completed but still in need of quilting, I will post again once it is quilted and bound.  I do love the colours and I have to admit, it went together like a dream.  The instructions in the booklet were very precise.



As you can see, I have some lines drawn on the centre…..possible quilting lines? Stay tuned for completed photos of my Starburst Table Topper!!!