Long-arm Quilting Services

If you are interested in Long-Arm Services please call (905) 563-3774

If you are looking to have your quilt top long-arm quilted I’m your gal!  I have a studio in my home and would love to talk you about your latest quilting project.  I offer edge to edge quilting as well as mid-custom and custom.  My rates will vary depending on your vision for your quilt. Consultations are always free!

Edge to Edge Quilting

Computer guided patterns for all-over quilting from top to bottom or side to side, using one colour of thread.  For an average density of pattern the charge is  $3.50 per square foot.  You can estimate the cost as follows;
((Length in inches x Width in inches)/144)*3.50
Mid-Custom quilting is a more economical method of custom quilting while reducing some of the time and therefore final cost.  This may include stitch in the ditch, overall custom patterns, computerized and hand guided quilting combined.  The cost for mid-custom can vary from $4.00-$6.00 per square foot and can be discussed in the consultation.
Custom quilting will include more dense quilting than Mid-Custom and include many of the same elements but with a much denser result.  Due to the time that custom quilting takes, I charge by the hour for any custom quilting.  It is $25 per hour and while I can give you an estimate it is very difficult to give an exact cost for this type of quilting.



If you are bringing me a quilt to have long-arm quilted there are a few things to consider;

  • Please provide backing that is at least 6-8 inches larger than your top in both measurements. For example,  if your top is 50 x 60 inches, your back needs to be 56-58 x 66-68 inches. This ensures the quilt can be loaded properly on the machine and that any take up caused by the quilting will not cause a shortage of materials.
  • Please consider your batting options since some batting cannot be used on the long-arm machine.  If you bring me a prepackaged batting I may have to open it in order to determine whether it can be used on the long-arm machine or not.  Keep in mind that I do sell the batting for convenience.
  • Please do not stitch any embellishments, such as buttons or beading, to your quilt until after the quilting is completed; they can make it difficult for the machine to quilt around and affect the way the quilt rolls onto the machine affecting the tension and the final appearance of the quilt.